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    Create Your Dream World

    Genesis is a place to call your own. A virtual home away from home ....


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    30 Day Free Trial Region

    Claim your very own 30 day totally free region just to try us out ....


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    Meet New People

    Explore what we have to offer, make new friends, we may just shock you ...


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    Cash Out To Paypal

    Cash out your inworld balance to a Paypal account within 48 hours ...


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    Dedicated Support Team

    Our customer support knows no bounds, were right by your side ...


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    Join The Community

    Join us for our Bi-weekly meetings. Find out all the latest happenings ...


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99% Uptime

imageHigh quality network structure.


imageSupport that cares about its members.

Peace of Mind

imageTwice daily backup of all assets, kept off site.

Secure & Fast

image24/7 server monitoring and firewall protection.

bulletWelcome to Genesis MetaVerse ....

Proudly paving the way for others to follow. Discover what you can do in Genesis MetaVerse, a 3D virtual world established in May 2016, A new beginning created totally by it's members for it's members. It's totally free to access Genesis MetaVerse and there is a wide variety of lands and regions to explore, from Genesis owned public regions to user's privately owned regions.


Why not create a virtual homeand get away from your everyday busy and hectic life. Build a business and meet new people, talk to your friends, establish relationships, party the night away or fulfill your ultimate fantasy do all the things you can do in real life but in a safe, sane and consensual virtual setting.


bulletRegistration Is Fast, Free And Easy ....

Creating an avatarin Genesis is the first thing you will do. You can create one that is similar to you in real life or go in a completely opposite direction. Not only can you be human but you can also become a creature of any type or even an adorable "furry" avatar. Avatars can be changed once you are inworld to anything you wish. Many talented creators have created stunning avatars that await you inside genesis.


bulletExplore With New And Old Friends ....

Visit hundreds of regionsthat our members have created. From sailing regions to memorial gardens. Race your friends on a racing region or fly around one of the huge regions in a private jet or airbus without crossing borders, you can even dance the night away at a club or disco. If you prefer the quite life, role play in one of the many family community regions. What better way to test out a new grid than with a try before you buy. We're that confident you will want to stay we're offering 30 day's free trial region,No billing information will be asked and you will get full access to all the estate tools. Just request one via our ordering billing system and it will be up and running within 24 hours.


bulletBecome Your Own Boss ....

Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss? Opening your own business? Here in Genesis you can do that without being limited. Open a club, become a landlord, let your creativity flow with clothing design or building spectacular builds. The possibilities are endless. Earn an income with our booming economy. You can even cash out your in world currency (G$) balance to real world money ($) via Paypal within 2 business days.


bulletCommited To Giving Back To The Community ....

GMV is a firm believer in giving back to the community. We are the only grid that does this on a regular basis. Our charity auctions are ideal for just this worthwile donation. Started in Febuary 2017 we have raised money from reselling regions that have been returned or gone into default. Our first donation will be going out to a worthwhile cause, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. This animal rescue group has a no kill policy regardless of the animal's condition as well as fighting to end all Breed Restriction Laws, therefore we have chosen them to be our first charity. No animal should be put to sleep just because they can not find a loving home.


bulletLatest News Headlines ....

13th May 2017


newsNew Script released in the GenTech range, you can now accept tips direct to your paypal account or via G$.



7th May 2017


newsNew website launched to make things better, quicker and much easier to find what you are looking for.



7th May 2017


newsLeopard addon region now added to our portfolio. These are intended and ideal for light use homes only.



5th May 2017


newsCurrency reseller Podex Exchange has been removed from the GMV grid after stealing $700.00.



bulletRecommended By Members ....

"Wow what can you really say. I've been to a few different grids in my time, lag here is non existent, and one of the best welcome islands i have seen anywhere."

Stacy Bright
(Genesis Member)

"Genesis is a great place to be, the scripting is more compatible from Secondlife than most other grids. The team at Genesis work really hard to keep this grid safe."

Lilly Hamd
(Genesis Member)

"Very very impressed how the Genesis team keep everyone in the loop every step of the way, Even if there is a issue they communicate with their residents."

Stuart Marcus
(Genesis Member)

"One of the best grids out there, somewhere i gladly call home, I've tried the rest now i proudly live in the best, sure they had issues, who has not, the Genesis team work hard."

Shaz Roxley
(Genesis Member)