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    Create Your Dream World

    Genesis is a place to call your own. A virtual home away from home ....


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    30 Day Free Trial Region

    Claim your very own 30 day totally free region just to try us out ....


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    Meet New People

    Explore what we have to offer, make new friends, we may just shock you ...


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    Cash Out To Paypal

    Cash out your inworld balance to a Paypal account within 48 hours ...


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    Dedicated Support Team

    Our customer support knows no bounds, were right by your side ...


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    Join The Community

    Join us for our Bi-weekly meetings. Find out all the latest happenings ...


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Create Your Avatar ....

No payment information will be asked. A last name is REQUIRED. Please note that Genesis or Admin surnames will be deleted immediately.

Resident as a last name has also been blocked. Be creative!!


Avatars can be changed once you are inworld to anything you wish to. Many talented creators have created stunning avatars that await you inside Genesis. You can create one that is similar to you in real life or go in a completely opposite direction. Not only can you be human but you can also become a creature of any type or an even adorable "furry" avatar.


You will need to verify your email address with our system before you can use your new avatar, it takes 20 seconds to verify, if you have not received the activation link please check your spam folder.


Personalize Your Avatar Below ....


Avatar Look ( this can be changed inworld )

Female Avater



(Everyday Girl)

Male 1


(Goth Chick)

Male 1



Male 1


(Party Girl)

Male 1


(Business Woman)















Male Avatar

Male 1


(Italian Stud)

Male 1


(Lovable Rouge)

Male 1


(Serious Dude)

Male 1


(Biker Dude)

Male 1


(Surfs Up)


Avatar Details ( this can not be changed choose wisely )



* Avatar First Name :




* Avatar Surname :




* Valid Email Address :



Reserved Surnames :

Some surnames have been purchased and reserved, to reserve your surname or to view the current reserved surnames please click here.


Once a surname is reserverd only that person has the rights to that name and needs to autherise the use of that name in our system.


System Restricted Surnames :






Security ( case sensative )


* Choose Password :




* Verify Password :




* Verify You Are Over 18 :


Optional Question


Where Did You Hear About Genesis MetaVerse :


Copyright Names ....

Please note that copyrighted names are not permitted in Genesis unless you have written permission from the copyright holder, we will also need to verify this before we can allow registration of that name.


How To Connect ....

Once you have created and verified your avatar you will need the connection information, click hereto see that information.