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    Create Your Dream World

    Genesis is a place to call your own. A virtual home away from home ....


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    30 Day Free Trial Region

    Claim your very own 30 day totally free region just to try us out ....


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    Meet New People

    Explore what we have to offer, make new friends, we may just shock you ...


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    Cash Out To Paypal

    Cash out your inworld balance to a Paypal account within 48 hours ...


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    Dedicated Support Team

    Our customer support knows no bounds, were right by your side ...


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    Join The Community

    Join us for our Bi-weekly meetings. Find out all the latest happenings ...


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Regions F.A.Q Answers ....

What is a trial region?

A trial region is a standard Jaguar region with only 5,000 prim allowance and full estate rights. This region is typically used by new members of Genesis who want to learn how the grid works, start building and begin their journey within GMV. This region may NOT be parceled off and rented out or used to open a business, though you may of course, start creating the region for a future business once the region is upgraded.

Can i get a trial region?

Our trial region are available to any member who has not previously had one. Only one trial region is permitted per member. If the region is not upgraded by the end of the trial period it is taken offline.

Why is a trail region not 20,000 Prims?

Usually by the time a member gets close to reaching our 5,000 prim limit they have made a decision about whether or not they will be staying in GMV. To allow the full 20,000 prim limit has also proven to cause issues with our rule of no businesses on the trials. This is simply for our new members to get used to the grid, how our system works as opposed to other grids you may have been members of, to give you a place to "call home" till you have decided whether you want to upgrade your region and to allow you the chance to let your creativity flow while having some privacy to do so in your own time.

Can I back up my trial?

All regions, trial and paid, are backed up nightly. They are kept for a period of 30 days then discarded from our system completely.

Can I have an OAR uploaded onto my trial region?

Yes, provided it does not go above the 5,000 prim allowance.

I have a terrain file, can I upload that to my region?

Yes absolutely! That can be done in your estate tools menu by clicking Alt + R on your keyboard while in your region.

Can I have a copy of my region backup (OAR)?

Yes provided EVERY item on your region was created by you. We also charge $5.00 for this service via our ordering page.