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Genesis Metaverse …. Discover the Difference!

Discover what you can do in Genesis MetaVerse, a 3D virtual world established in May 2016.  A fresh, new beginning created entirely by it’s members for it’s members. It’s completely free to access Genesis MetaVerse and there is a wide variety of lands and regions to explore, from Genesis owned public regions to regions that our members have created for you to explore and enjoy.

Our globally diverse community, with it’s unique blend of members will be sure to capture your imagination and spark your creative juices. Experience a grid that encourages a community environment, one that works together as a unit to make everyone’s virtual world experience all that it can be.

Registration Is Fast, Free And Easy ….

You can create an Avatar that is similar to you in real life or go in a completely opposite direction. Not only can you be human but you can also become a creature of any type or even an adorable “furry” avatar. Avatars can be changed once you are inworld to anything and as often as you wish. Many talented creators have created stunning avatars that await you inside.

Create a virtual home and get away from your everyday busy and hectic life. Build a business, meet new people, and talk to your friends. Establish relationships, party the night away or fulfill your ultimate fantasy. Do all the things you can, or maybe can’t, do in real life in a safe, sane and consensual virtual setting, where Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow can be as one.

Genesis Metaverse. Great Community, Great Times, and Great People. Begin Your Adventure Today.

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Visit hundreds of worlds our members have created. From sailing endlessly to flying around one of the huge worlds in a private jet or airbus without crossing borders, every day can be filled with fun and relaxing times. Explore our member created Aztec Temple Maze or dance the night away at a club or disco. Want to learn more about VR life?  Take a class at our member created Genesis University.  Do you prefer the quiet life?  Try one of the many role play and family community worlds. In Genesis, where community is key, the possibilities truly are endless.

Become Your Own Boss ….

Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss?  Opening your own business?  Here in Genesis you can do that without limitations. Open a club, become a landlord, let your creativity flow with clothing design or creating spectacular residential or commercial builds. Utilize the official GMV MarketPlace to place your created in world items for sale online to other in world members, even when they can’t be online.  Earn an income with our booming economy. You can even convert your in world currency (G$) balance to real world money ($) and transfer it directly to your verified PayPal account within 2 business days.