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Our MarketPlace is now functional.  Withdraws are working, are immediate.

To get it working properly, Dragon did have to clear the database.  New accounts will need to be made as well as putting up your stores for those that had them in there.

Withdraws can ONLY BE DONE at Genesis Park region where the master server is for the system.

I will be logging into the MarketPlace avi tomorrow morning to put ATM’s back on the regions.  For anyone that has one on their region now, please either delete or return it and leave a message here or submit a ticket with your avi name and region you want the atm at.




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3 days ago I was fed up with our MarketPlace not working correctly.  This was supposed to be a huge step up for us all as a grid.  Instead it’s been a huge let down due to the fact no one was able to withdraw their earned money from it.  So of course creators weren’t utilizing it.  Why sell the items when you can’t get your money from the sale?  I don’t blame anyone i’d be thinking the exact same thing.  So I got our hosting provider to look into it.  He said he found the issue, spent about an hour fixing it and making the necessary adjustments.  He tested it.  It worked for him.  A few minutes later I did the same and to my surprise it worked for me as well.  So I announced we finally had a WORKING marketplace.  One of our staff members attempted to withdraw her funds from her marketplace account and again they poofed into the ether. So I spent some time thinking about it.  I have a theory so will be testing it out over the next day or so.  Then the next day people couldn’t get to the site, it would redirect to a control panel instead.  This one I had to bring Dragon in on as I know basic redirects and how they work but not enough to go into our back end to start messing with things.  After about 5 minutes of looking he told me what the issue is and it’s going to take some time to straighten out.  He brought our tech manager into it and now our entire team is working on fixing the mess that caused this.

In the meantime, I will be logging in the MarketPlace avi, she is going to be sending all money in your market account back to you.  If you have deposited to marketplace, your name is not listed as a user with the minimum 10G$ balance, please either submit a ticket or send me a NC.  This will be taken care of.  MarketPlace at the moment is now top priority.  Please send the following information for easier verification of your deposit to be returned:

Full Avi Name:

Deposit Date:

Deposit Amount:

We are working hard to give you all that you deserve as members, please know that.

Huge hugssssss,


UPDATE:  All accounts have been refunded, ATM’s that were placed 2 days ago have been deleted, please delete any ATM’s that were placed previously as they will all need to be redone/scripts updated once the ftp mess is fixed.


Password creation……

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We have recently changed the procedure for creating a member portal password.  It is no longer required to create a secure password though is is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.  This was done due to the number of account lock outs that were happening.  When creating a password, please make sure it is one you will remember.  If you’re like me with the memory of a rock……best to write it down somewhere or use a program designed to store your passwords.  Our only concern as grid owners is to protect your information as best we can. This is why our particular security system was set up as it was.


Moving Accounts To New System

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Over the next few weeks we will be moving accounts over to the new all in one Member Portal Gateway on the new site, to make things a little easier and less complex to do.

If you are already set up on an auto pay, please contact a member of Staff or Admin (Candi or Dragon), to have your account moved with as little stress as is humanly possible.  Setting up your new account and putting it on auto pay is a much easier process within your Member Portal area.


Intermittent Error on server 140

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Server 140 has developed a intermittent error to be on the safe side we have decided to move the estates that are currently on there.

Estates affected are :

Moonstruck Paradise
Helion Prim
Majestic Isles
South Windsor
Z Nation
Peaceful Shores
Magical Lands
Gapstow Gardens
Lorien 2
Okaloosa Island
Cameron Bay
Freebie Mall
Freebie Mall 2
Heavenly Acres