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All questions regarding your Member Portal.

Avatar Dashboard vs. Member Portal. What's the difference?

Avatar Dashboard ~ this is the dashboard that relates to all your in world avatar information.  Your profile information, your relationships/friends list, your in world wallet and if you have purchased any land, your region management areas.

Member Portal ~ this is where all orders are placed.  This is the area where real life money and information is stored.

These area’s are SEPARATE logins.  You may of course use the same login information for both area’s.

New Account Creation?

With this new system, once your account is created, you will be able to see your invoice(s) as well as any credits you have in your account.  From here you are also able to post to the forum as well as the blog and place any orders you might want to make.  We are trying to slowly integrate each system into one so at some point down the road, only one login will ever be needed.

If your region was NOT set up for auto pay in our old system (blesta), we may have moved your account for you.  Once a new user account was created an email was sent with your new login credentials.  If you deleted this email accidentally, please contact a Staff Member for help in logging in.  This will require staff to reset your password.  You MUST be logged in world to receive your new password, it’s too much of a security risk for us to send it email.  Once your new password is reset, login with the information the staff member has given you.  Make sure you do not add any spaces before or after your login information as this will cause a lockout to happen and you’ll have to ask the staff member you are working with to unlock your IP.  This will require you answering a few security questions based on your location/IP. Failure to provide the correct information will result in your having to wait until our system lifts the block on your IP address.  If you are in world and get locked out, again, contact a staff member to unlock your account.

As an FYI, unless you have logged in before, the system may not accept and log you in the first time you attempt it.  DO NOT PANIC.  Wait 10 seconds, re-enter your information and it will recognize you and log you in.

Is my account information safe?

Yes.  Our members safety and security is our top priority.  We have done everything possible to ensure our website, payment processors and grid are protected with the best security we can find.  No real life information is needed UNTIL you request any account balance you have be transferred to your PayPal account.

I've been locked out, now what do I do?

After 3 failed login attempts our system is set up to block your IP for a short period of time.  This is not to discourage you in any way but to ensure the safety of everyone’s information located within our website.  If you have been blocked by our security, please contact either a Mentor or member of Staff.  Either a Staff member or Admin will then reset and give you a new temporary password.  Please be sure to stay in world during this process as some email providers block these mails.  Passwords will ONLY be given to the account holder, no exceptions will ever be made for this.  Once logged in we strongly encourage you to change that password.