Meet the GMV Mentors

Aerowyn Moonwalker 2

Aerowyn Moonwalker

Hello there! I have been a hostess and security for many years in virtual worlds and always enjoy helping others. Friendly, crazy, and loyal. Found a home with the Tombstone Badlands family in InWorldz, and followed them over here. I have been in virtual worlds for over 12 years, and have learned a great deal more than anywhere else being in Genesis MetaVerse. I am honored that I was chosen to be a Mentor for this grid and look forward to helping any way that I am able. ~ Aero

Fitheach Eun

Fitheach Eun has been in virtual worlds since 2006, starting in SL and has a presence in several Open Sim grids. Please call her Fit. She enjoys building and terraforming and can usually be found tweaking one of her sims. Fit is a mentor and always makes time to help Genesis members with any issues. Hyper grid exploring is her passion and helps to provide fuel for her roleplay character of elf druid in the group Raven’s Refugees. Follow their story at
Fit 2

Fee EdenbaumX

Hi, I am Fee, coming from Germany. My experiences in Virtual Worlds started in 2007 in SL, expanded to IW and other open Grid worlds, I had a look at several of them. What I found in Genesis are very nice people, wonderful helpful Grid owner and, very important for me, NO drama anymore. I am a friendly, helpful person, so I hope I will be a good Mentor for all new Users.

Gage Logan

Currently on his Honeymoon with wife Starry Sugarplum – Logan.
Congratulations Gage & Starry!!
Gage Logan 2
George Mureaux 2

George Mureaux

Hi, I’m George Mureaux.  I started my VR life in a world called Red Light Center.  In 2007 I joined Second Life.  I enjoyed it there a lot, building a business with my partner.  Then I felt the need for a change and found OpenSim.  I’ve tried many grids but none have made me as happy as I am now in Genesis.  I became a Mentor and very happy helping as many as I can.  I hope you will come and join Genesis with us.  If you ever need help, there is always someone online to give you the help you need.

Lee Nichols

DJ Lee here…first been in SL since 2009 met a lot of interesting people.  Jack of all trades, best place i came to work is when i joined genesis. The people are awesome, friendly and caring. Good place to make home. I’m dedicated to my job and to my friends and family love you all.
Lee Nichols 2
lunar 2

Lunar Deities

Senior Mentor
Hi, I am Lunar Deities, I have been playing in virtual worlds since oh dinosaur times lol, about 14 years, with a break here and there. My favorite thing to do in virtual worlds is to build, and create pretty things, as well as helping people. Genesis is my first hyper grid, and when I first came to Genesis, I was amazed with the people, founders and all. I decided that was my home. In the time I have been on Genesis, I have watched it to continue to grow, sure people come and go, but that happens everywhere, even in real life. With that said let’s all make Genesis the most popular grid around.

Samantha Magic

I’m Samantha Magic, I’m a General Manager ands Dj for Tombstone Badlands, I enjoy helping others, making others smile and laugh. I love djing because music makes people feel good. I have been in Virtual Words for over 12 yrs, I enjoy meeting new people and making new friends. I became a mentor so i can help the grid out and to help others out.
Samantha Magic 2
Zephner Magic 2

Zephner Magic

I am a classic rock DJ. I am married to Ahleah Magic both in here and rl. I been a virtual worlds dj since 07/11/06. I started in virtual worlds in 06/11/06. I was in
rock band in rl for several years. Also did some rl DJ before coming to virtual worlds.

Antonio Cortes

Genesis welcomes all and I love Genesis, therefore I love to help new and older people as much as i can. I am inworld nearly everyday and if I can help you, I will. With a smile to boot.
Antonio Cortes
Dai Rhys-Owain

Dai Rhys-Owain

Hi, I have been in virtual worlds for approx 12 years, in that time i have mainly done land, i now own the first casino on genesis and have made genesis my home. I can get my head around scripts and love helping people and making things. I have been a mentor before genesis but there is nothing like this grid anywhere, friendly helpful people everywhere, and the 2 best owners any grid could hope for. So if you need help give me a call i will do my best to help you.