Meet the GMV Staff

Amethyst Jetaime

Staff ~ Builder/Land Management Specialist
Amethyst, has been in virtual worlds since 2006. Six months later she designed and built her first region. She is a master builder and a scripter and makes many of the textures she uses in her builds. Amethyst has been in various Open Sim worlds as an explorer and region developer since open sim was first launched. Her company experimented with it’s own grid when they first become open sourced in order to learn about them. Now, having made Genesis Metaverse her home she is happy to help both new and current residents of the grid.
Ame 2
Angus 2

Angus MacLeod

Staff ~ Tech/Viewer Specialist
Angus began his VR journey 20 years ago in active worlds. In 2005 he heard of Second Life and made the move there packing only his dashing good looks, rapier wit, and incredible charm ( the author knows these facts as he is writing this himself ). With a deep understanding of the RL technology involved, he is always happy to help others. He has a history of working with technology stretching back three decades and RL within the broadcast industry as a broadcast announcer and still DJs in Genesis Metaverse. If you need assistance, just ask.

Xanax 3MG (Ana)

Staff ~ Builder/In World Support/Senior Mentor
She has been in VR since 2007.  What started out as a curious adventure bloomed into a glorious way of life. She started creating a year later and is always learning something new, being in various Virtual Worlds has taught her many things, She loves meeting new people from all walks of life and all areas of the world, She loves to help others and enjoys Building. She came to Genesis just to look around and decided to make it her permanent Virtual Home, Her very first large build Hard Rock Mall sits proudly on her region in Genesis, Her Motto is THE FUTURE IS MY UNKNOWN PARADISE And so it is….
Ana 2
Cassy 2

Cassy Wike

Staff ~ In World Support/Mentor
I am new to VR. Started in April of 2016. Candi was always telling me that she owns a Virtual Reality Grid and before I joined I laughed at her because I didn’t really think it was “work” being a grid owner. I joined to help her out in mentoring and then became staff and now I can see how much work it is to keep this grid going. This is my first and last Virtual Reality home.