Run Free Fashion

Shaz Roxley

Run Free Fashion was established in 2011.  A group of friends came up with the name (Run Free Naked) Run Free With Fashion and since then i have built a lot of things ..but clothing took my interest most.
Here you will find quality mesh clothing for men and women.
Also Avi, accessories, hairs, shoes, jewelry, costumes etc.
Mens:  Everything from biker gear, jeans, jackets etc. to men’s suits and smart outfits.  Men’s accessories from hair to tattoo’s.
Womens : Everything from punk, biker and goth style to sexy wear, beautiful dresses and gowns.  Yes we even have WEDDING GOWNS.
Lots to see and enjoy on Run Free Fashion.
If you ever have any questions or issues, please don’t hesitate to IM me or drop me a NoteCard in world.


Antonio Cortes

Have you ever wanted to boldly go where no Av has gone before ?, Well Astrid space station is a great and ideal place to go for all your space needs. we have stores including a space store and mall stores, and a gambling club where you can have a wager or two and even dance to some of the greatest sounds around. Come make some friends today in our no drama environment in space!

Dutch Creations

Fay and Noah Frost

At Dutch Creations you can shop for Art, Textures, Clothing (Mesh), Make-Up, Skins, shapes, Jewelery, Vendors, Sploder, Furniture, Animations and a lot more.
We are also creating a romantic garden and dunes for you to relax or have a good time. 🙂
Check up Dutch Creations frequently for new upcoming products.
so come over and take a look.