For the month of September ONLY, purchase any of our 4 worlds and get a FREE Caspian world for as long as your regularly purchased world is in online. Simply chose your world below and fill out all the information asked for before the checkout process and your Caspian will be brought online at the same time as your ordered world.

Find The Right Region Type For You ….

We have a number of different regions to offer you to suit any budget. From a Bengal (single) region to a Sabretooth (8×8). Create a home, run a business, do something you may have only dreamed about. No billing information will be asked and you will get all the estate tools you would with any other region.

Private Or Public Regions ….

Private Regions (Islands) offer the most flexibility and privacy to support your Genesis experience. These regions can handle the most avatars and scripts as well as offer the highest performance. As with any of our regions, there are no restrictions as far as how you operate it. You can have it open to the public or private, the choice is completely yours. You will also be able, if you wish, to turn on or off hypergridding via your avatar dashboard control panel.

Bengal Estate
Amur Estate
Sabretooth Estate

Peace Of Mind ….

Security and stability is of the utmost importance to us so all your region is backed up daily and kept offsite in a secure location on a 30 day rotation. All our newly purchased regions are placed at least 5 regions apart from its nearest neighbor.

Paypal And Stripe ….

We accept Paypal and all major Credit and Debit Cards (via Stripe) for your convenience and extra security on a month to month basis. To learn more about our billing procedures please ask one of our in world mentors. Your region will be brought online within 24 hours of receiving the order and your first invoice will not be created until the region is active. Any late or skipped payments will result in your region being automatically taken offline, if you have Grandfather pricing this will also be lost as you will need to set up a new payment.

Addon Regions ….

If you are a full region owner (own at least one full region regardless of the size) you can purchase addon estates, these are smaller than our flagship Bengal Estate in regards to prim allowance and are a much cheaper alternative to those that want to have lots of usable land or regions.

Once You’re Settled ….

Once you are settled on your new region we have a number of add-on’s to enhance your experience, home or business needs.  Extra prim packs are ideal to boost your prim allowance without having to move or order a new region.